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Group Experiences and Events

We have lots of cool Hen Do Ideas. Many years in the industry help us know what you want. We promise to make the whole process very easy

Booking Stag Do Experiences has never been easier. We will make the whole process stress-less,  and on the day, Fun.

We have the best Multi venue Club & Bar deals you will find. Looking for a night out for 2 people, or a large group of 30. We have you covered. 

We work with over 500 Clubs and Bars throughout the UK. We are sure to be able to offer you the entry deal you are looking for   

Want to show off a little, maybe a lot. Then this is for you. Booths in Clubs across the country, with lots of interesting package ideas.  

Book one of our online Experiences. Perfect for joining a group activity from the comfort of your armchair.

Are you looking for a Night Out for a Group Activity?

If so we suggest that you visit the link for ‘TheDoorGuy’. Our sister site that is ideal for a Stag or Hen Do, Birthday or Office Party. where you have a group larger than 6 people, wanting to visit lots of different venues. ‘TheDoorguy’ has all the answers and all the options. 


Let the Doorguy sort your Night Out